Trihive Bracelet

Trihive Bracelet


This one of a kind silicone bracelet has 3 bee hives that serve as your daily reminder to choose gratitude by protecting your 3 hives:

  • i hive (myself)
  • my hive (my people)
  • our hive (the planet)

Protect your hives, and you will become the best you.

  •  Grade A Silicone bracelet that fits perfectly on your wrist.
  • Unisex design
  • The Trihive link provides forgiving stretch but is built to last.

We believe giving back will help make our hive on earth a better place, so trihive donates 10% of net profits to save the bees.  

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My Hive Bracelet (Link)

"My hive" is the people that matter to me most. 
Each trihive bracelet, that we call a link, 
was created so when you and your hive are wearing your bracelet, you will always be connected/linked to those who matter to you most.

That is why we have 3 golden bee hives on every bracelet.

Gift a hive to those who matter to you most.

10% of our net profits are donated to save the bees, which are now endangered species. 
No bees, no pollination, no life. - Albert Einstein

Learn more about what the 3 hives mean above in the 3 hive story.

Amanda T

New York, New York

I'm so happy I bought these for me and my boyfriend. They are like the newest his and hers / couples bracelet. Knowing we're are always "linked" makes me so happy. Oh yeah, and they look and feel amazing!

Susan G

Los Angeles, CA

I had no idea how much my kids would love these bracelets. The hive idea is truly special, but they look so cool too! I wear with every outfit! And the gym! Great story, great cause!

Tiffany M

Austin, TX

It was my friends birthday so I bought both of us a trihive. It's the best $ I've ever spent because we never take it off, and she loved it. These are the coolest friendship bracelets around and for a great cause!! #savethebees