My Hive Bracelet (Link)

My hive is the people that matter to me most. 
My friends, family, lovers, teammates, workers, community, groups, buddies, teachers... 

You get the point. Hive, team, squad.
Each trihive bracelet, that we call a link,
was created so when you and your hive are wearing your bracelet, you will always be connected/linked to those who matter to you most.

Each trihive has
3 golden bee hives
that mean 3 things.

i hive, my hive, our hive.
me, mine, ours.

In an effort to promote the importance of 
(me) self love, 
(mine) appreciation for your hive, 
(ours) and vital importance of both environmental and social health to the world at large.  

Hive 2 is my hive, 
which may be most important.

 85% of our happiness comes from the quality of our relationships. In a recent study, we found one of people's biggest regrets at the end of life is not telling the people they love that they care about them enough.
By gifting a trihive to your lover, family, friends, team, community, you're taking a stand for your hive that you love and support them.

Let your trihive bracelet & link be the gift that allows you to say this. Little acts of appreciation like this are the moments people remember forever. Each time they look down at their wrist and see their hives, they will think of you, and they will remember you're connected.

10% of our net profits are donated to save the bees, which are now endangered species. 
No bees, no pollination, no life. - Albert Einstein

Protect Your Hives, 
with love, and they will protect you back.

Amanda T

New York, New York

I'm so happy I bought these for me and my boyfriend. They are like the newest his and hers / couples bracelet. Knowing we're are always "linked" makes me so happy. Oh yeah, and they look and feel amazing!

Susan G

Los Angeles, CA

I had no idea how much my kids would love these bracelets. The hive idea is truly special, but they look so cool too! I wear with every outfit! And the gym! Great story, great cause!

Tiffany M

Austin, TX

It was my friends birthday so I bought both of us a trihive. It's the best $ I've ever spent because we never take it off, and she loved it. These are the coolest friendship bracelets around and for a great cause!! #savethebees