"The concept behind trihive came when I was in a tough situation. I was fired from my job, my lease ended, and I had to where to go. In this tough time, I chose to remind myself how fortunate I am to be me, surrounded by great people, and to be alive on this beautiful planet.  Now when I wake up, I look to my 3 hives every morning as a reminder of gratitude to get my day started on a positive note. This mindset gave me the strength to pursue my lifelong goal of starting a company.  I believe when you're in the trihive state of mind, you will be able to pursue your dreams too, because it gave me the strength to go for mine."  

- Andrew Clements, Founder & CEO

Trihive Mission

Our mission is to empower you to be your best, encourage connection with family and community and sustain the planet. We believe when this happens, you will help make the world a better place.

The 3 Hive Story

Each bracelet has 3 golden bee hives.
That serve as a reminder and a commitment to...

Use your trihive as a daily reminder to choose gratitude and how lucky you are to be you.

i hive: love myself and support my growth as a person.
my hive: appreciate my hive and everything they do for me.
our hive: protect our hive here on earth, with more positivity and a cleaner environment.

Protect Your Hives

and you will make your world, and our world, a better place.

10% of our net profits are donated to help save the bees.

Wear a bracelet as a commitment to be your best self.
Give a bracelet to show appreciation for members of your hive. 
Share a bracelet so together we can save the planet.

A few reasons people love their trihive so much.

Conservation Efforts

10% of our net profits are donated to help make the world a better place. Learn about our mission to help save the bees.

My Hive

Trihive was made so by gifting a bracelet, you and your hive will always be connected. Learn how people all over the country are improving their relationships by gifting this awesome bracelet.


The 3 hives on every bracelet tell an empowering story, to remind you to stay grateful by following the 3 hives. We believe when you're at your best, you will make the world a better place, and it starts with a healthy outlook.